Future medical care is an often-overlooked aspect of a personal injury claim. Many plaintiffs don’t realize (or are not informed) that they can include future medical expenses to cover harm they will suffer in the months or years after the injury.

What Is Future Medical Care?

Future medical care includes any additional treatment you are expected to incur after your injury.

Accounting for future medical expenses is essential in calculating fair compensation in a personal injury claim. Once you accept a settlement, you can’t ask for more money later. If your settlement only covers your immediate medical costs, you could be left to foot the bill for any additional expenses you incur later on.

Common Future Medical Expenses

In addition to your initial injury treatment, you may require ongoing medical treatment for months, years, or the remainder of your life. Some future medical expenses to consider in your personal injury claim may include:

  • Corrective Surgeries: Your injury might lead to complications that can’t be treated with physical therapy or medication. Costs related to surgeries are almost always expensive and should be included in your compensation.
  • Specialist Treatment: A doctor may refer you to a specialist for additional treatment, such as a chiropractor, orthopedist, or diagnostic radiologist.
  • Physical Therapy: Your road to recovery might involve seeing a physical therapist to help you recover strength and coordination after an injury.
  • Prescriptions: Lasting injuries and complications such as pain can be treated by prescription medication.
  • Home Equipment or Modification: If your injury affects your mobility, you might need special equipment such as a wheelchair to help you get around. Residential homes are not always accessibility-friendly, which could require widening your hallways or installing ramps.

Proving Future Medical Expenses

Calculating medical expenses and damages that have already been incurred is usually straightforward since you’ll have receipts and bills documenting every expense. However, calculating the cost of future medical expenses can be much more difficult.

The best way to evidence future medical costs is to utilize medical and rehabilitation experts who can provide an informed projection of the care you may need later. Your personal injury lawyer can help obtain supporting testimony from your doctors and other healthcare professionals to evidence the need and cost of your future medical expenses.

Recovering the Cost for Future Medical Care in Ontario

Those hurt due to the negligence of others have the right to recover damages for all their medical needs, including those expected to be incurred in the future. You shouldn’t be responsible for paying for future medical care after an accident that was someone else’s fault — that’s where an experienced lawyer can help.

Your Injury Lawyer Will Advocate for You

More than one party might be liable for your injury. By presenting your future needs clearly and convincingly, your lawyer can negotiate with all the parties involved to give you the best chance of recovering the compensation you need for your care.

Many personal injury cases settle out of court. But if it is necessary to take the other parties to trial or put pressure on the at-fault party to include your future needs, the personal injury lawyers at Donnelly Murphy have years of successful courtroom experience they will put to work for you to provide the best chance of maximum financial recovery.

Donnelly Murphy Can Help Recoup Your Future Medical Costs

Don’t submit your injury claim without factoring in the cost of future medical care. Donnelly Murphy’s injury lawyers are ready to help you assess every aspect of your injury to determine the full amount of your current and future expenses.

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