My husband and I connected with Patrick Murphy for advice following our motor vehicle accident involving an impaired driver. From our very first contact with Pat we knew we had made a positive decision. I was unable to comfortably travel in a vehicle, and Pat came to our home to explain processes involved when dealing with insurance companies. Until you have been involved in an accident, you really have no idea how complicated the system can be. We were given lots of well-meaning advice from other people, but it was comforting knowing we could count on Pat’s professionalism and legal expertise to guide us through. Pat connected us with rehabilitation services and medical professionals who had our best interests in mind. Again, we knew we could put our trust in Pat’s advice. Pat’s staff was always very helpful and promptly answered my questions…and there were many! Pat kept me informed of each and every decision involving my case, and included me in the decision making process. Pat was always able to assure and often educate me during the most stressful time of my life. When it came time for mediation, Pat and Phil were able to prepare and support me through the process. They were able to achieve a settlement for myself and my family that gives us security and hope after such a difficult time in our lives. I highly recommend Patrick Murphy and the services of his firm, Donnelly & Murphy.

– Lauri L.